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Welcome to the patch ski club



  • 18 Aug 2023
  • 20 Aug 2023


  • This is the cost for 2 people at 550€ per person.
  • This is for the raft only plus bus to and from the raft. Hotel is not included.
  • Shared double paying for one person 550€ but must have 2 people in the room.
  • This only for single rooms.

Registration is closed

Flossfarht 2023!!!

The raft comes with kegs of Beer and a live band! 

Optional Bike Tour on Sunday 11.30 am.  

Breakfast is included with the rooms. 

TC: Debbie Galvin

[email protected]

Hotel: ;

Date:  18 Aug- 20 Aug

Departure Time: 1400 from Patch Barracks

Return Time 1900 at Patch Barracks

Shared Double Room: 550

*Adults only

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