COVID Policies

Our Board is monitoring Host Nation, Garrison, Destination Country, and service requirements (bus, hotel, lifts, etc).

Things to KNow


This site is a good one to refer to in order to better understand what the restrictions are for entering or returning to a country. They even have an app.

Trip Cancellations

If a trip is cancelled by the Patch Ski Club Board due to COVID restrictions put in place a full refund of money paid will be provided back to the trip attendees.

Our Board

The Patch Ski Club Board endeavors to follow Host Nation, Garrison, Destination, and Services (Bus, Hotel, Lifts, etc) Policies. It will be up to the individual on the trip to verify that they have all of the appropriate documentation to board the bus, enter the destination country, hotel, and return to Germany. If for any reason you are denied entry, it is not the responsibility of Patch Ski Club to get you home. The Club will make an effort to help you identify testing facilities if this occurs. Our TCs and Board will provide updates to trip attendees as necessary.


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